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Hover your mouse over the icons to see what emotion they correlate to.

    Male Punk Emotion Icon set A:
Normal/BasicDevious/MischieviousPredatoryShy/Depressed/BlueAngry/Pissed off/AnnoyedSad/Shy/DepressedCrappy/Sad/DepressedI dunno...MelancholyHigh/Stoned/Drunk/Wierd/IndescribableSick/IllDrunk/Sore/WastedDrunk/HungoverMelancholy/ScaredTired/Sleepy
FlirtyHornyFrightened/ScaredLethargicThirsty/DrunkContemplative/Shocked/SurprisedSame as the one before, but animated.Nerdy/Geeky

    Proposal for female punk Emotion Icon set:
Basic/ First deisgn proposal

All animation frames created using MS Paint; compiled and compressed using Jasc Animation Shop Pro.

Copyright 2001, 2002 Christopher Beisler